Making Marks

Hawaii Island Mandala Postcard / 2012 / Terry Long

The urge to make marks with anything that will write, and on any surface that will receive and display the mark starts around 18 months in humans. I often wonder if we have a drawing gene? If we do, it has not been discovered yet , but judging by all the graffiti I continue to see in many cities, some people have a hard time controlling it. Drawing and painting with light, combined with digital technology allows me to draw and paint on anything I like, without repercussions from property owners, environmental groups, or the law. Hawaii Island Mandala Postcard was created with a photograph that was taken with a Canon S95 digital camera on my recent visit to the big island of Hawaii. The mandala design was produced by drawing and painting with light in the darkened confines of the studio, and then added as a semi transparent layer to the foreground area of the scene to blend in. Some perspective control was also used on the mandala design to give the foreshortened effect.

The link below will take you to a very interesting article When Children Draw by Dr. Sandra Crosser.

Rhapsody in Light and Line / 2012 / Terry Long

It is such a great pleasure to make marks and draw lines on paper with no objective in mind, but drawing with light takes you literally into another  dimension, the third dimension, and the pleasure is heightened. Rhapsody in Light and Line was created by attaching some of the LED lights together to create the parallel lines. The stronger and thicker lines are achieved by drawing close to the camera, and the thiner and weaker lines were achieved by drawing further away from the camera.

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