Forest Sunlight Mandala

Forest Mandala.A
Forest Sunlight Mandala / 2012 / Terry Long

As a very young child the church stained glass windows had a very great appeal to me, but the oppressed and sombre settings did not. It was hard for me to sit through the seemingly long church ceremonies, and I yearned to be outside in the sunlight, communing with nature, so I would lose myself within the art and light of the stained class windows. Forest Sunlight Mandala is my attempt to replicate that experience from my childhood. The photograph of sunlight was taken locally with my Canon S95 just a few days ago early in the morning. It pays to keep a camera with me at all times, because it is rare to get mist in our area of Southern California. The mandala was painted with light in the studio with several LED flashlights/torches, and then constructed with photoshop. I allowed some of the background image to show through the mandala design for more integration.

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