Cymatic Mandala
Cymatic Mandala in Blue / 2012 / Terry Long

In 1978 while on vacation in San Francisco, I stumbled upon the Exploratorium, a relatively new science museum designed primarily for children, but once inside, all adults became kids again! The museum was full of hands on educational experiments that made learning fun. There was one experiment called Cymatics that grabbed my attention. Fixed firmly to the museum floor were several metal rods that stood about waist high, and each rod had a square metal plate attached to the top to form a very small table. Each plate was suppled with a violin bow and a container of sand, and by  pouring a handful of the sand on the plate and bowing the edge of the plate, the sand appeared to dance upon the plate forming different geometric patterns. Cymatics was pioneered by Dr.Hans Jenny (b. 1904 – d. 1972). The word Cymatic derives from the Greek word kymatica, which relates to waves. The images below were created by Dr. Hans Jenny using the described technique. My image, Cymatic Mandala in Blue was created with light while listening to some 1950s jazz music.



You can find more information about cymatics here… and here…

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