The Road to Shangri La

The road to Shangri la
The Road to Shangri La / 2013 / Terry Long

For those of you contemplating a trip to Tibet to find the fabled and elusive Shangri La and paradise, reading the attached article written by Patrick Symmes in the Telegraph is a must, but it’s worth reading anyway…  Many people hope and search for something in their lives that will make them happy and fulfilled.  I recently viewed the award winning 2011 documentary film “Happy” which delves into this very subject, and I recommend seeing it…  According to a ABC News poll survey done in 2005, 9 out of 10 people in the USA believe in the afterlife of heaven and hell. I have come to the conclusion that the afterlife of heaven and hell does not exist, but heaven and hell does exist everyday for millions of people around the planet, you just have to read about it in your daily newspaper. Most of us can choose to make it a life of heaven, or hell, and I think the spiritual quest to find happiness, fulfillment, and some meaning to our lives is in the journey, and not in the destination, but you don’t have to go searching for it in Tibet, or anywhere else on this planet. The road to happiness and spiritual fulfillment is within you, and mandalas can help as a meditative focusing point.

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