Chalk Hill Drawings

Butterfly MandalaButterfly Mandala / 2013 / Terry Long

This is a photograph of a local view that I took recently. It shows San Timoteo Canyon in the distance, with its groves of orange trees. The butterfly  design was added by me, and was inspired by the giant chalk hill  drawings of England where I grew up. I was about age 4 when I viewed my first chalk hill drawing. It was the Long Man of Wilmington, located in Wilmington, East Sussex.

Long_Man_of_WilmingtonThe Long Man of Wilmington

The figure is 235 feet high, and the earliest record of it is from a recently discovered 1710 drawing by John Rowley. Although there are no early records of it, it could be Anglo Saxon, or older. You can check out more information here…

The Uffington White Horse

Unlike all of the other giant white horse designs throughout England, the Uffington White Horse is a Celtic design, and dates from around the late Bronze Age. It is 374 feet long (110 m), and was made by cutting deep trenches into the turf and filling with crushed chalk. Thanks to photoshop, and the medium of painting with light, I was able to avoid climbing steep hills and digging trenches to create my hill side design. My Butterfly Mandala was produced in front of the camera in a darkened studio, by painting with several LED lights and creating just one side of the butterfly, and then copying, reversing, and joining the two sides together in photoshop. Some distortion was used in photoshop  to place the design at the correct angle on the side of hill. For more information on the Uffington White Horse go here…

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