Street Mandalas

Street Mandala
Banner Mandala / 2013 / Terry Long

These three street photos were taken in Amsterdam in 2011, which was the last time I was there. Amsterdam has a timeless charm about it,  and indeed little seems to change from visit to visit. My original intention for the photos was just for stock shots, but I had the recent idea of placing and showing my mandalas in a public street setting, because we don’t tend to think of mandalas as street art,  so the Amsterdam photos have now become a new surrounding for them.

Poster Mandala
Poster Mandala / 2013 / Terry Long

Using photoshop, I deliberately placed each mandala poster at a different angle to give it a more random feeling.

Street Mandala B

Side Walk Chalk Mandala / 2013 / Terry Long

After adding the mandala layer with Photoshop, it was then distorted with the perspective control to give the foreshortened effect. I also lightened the black border on the mandala so as to make it appear that it was facing up towards the sky.

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