Spitfire Mandala

Spitfire Mandala
Spitfire Mandala / 2013 / Terry Long

The Spitfire was a powerful icon for me while growing up in England shortly after the Second World War, with it’s distinctive silhouette, and the sound of the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, plus the way it cut a path elegantly through the sky. The left section of the photograph was taken at the Imperial War Museum on a visit to London two years ago. I used the photo to create the right section with a sky photo of aircraft trails that I took in California, plus I added the mandalas, including one as the propeller. When I saw the Spitfire in the museum, it had the appearance of a trapped bird, needing to be set free. This gave me the idea for the mandala below.
PM1 copy

Spitfire / 2013 / Terry Long

This is the mandala I created to place on the flying spitfire above. It  was painted with several LED lights that were covered with coloured gels. The design was based on the design the aircraft propellor, and on the union jack. I used Photoshop for all of the post-production, which included a total of 20 layers.


Royal Air Force Roundel

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