Doorway / 2013 / Terry Long

I grew up in England, and lived close to Hampton Court Palace, which had a wonderful maze. As a child, it was both fascinating, mysterious and a bit frightening. It is the oldest hedge maze in the world that has remained in continuous use. Although this image is not of the Hampton Court Maze, I think it captures some of the surreal feeling I had on my first visit to the maze. The hedge with the doorway was photographed at Hidcote Manor Gardens in England, and the maze design in the foreground was photographed at the University of Redlands, California. For more information on the Maze Mandala, please see below. Both of the black and white images were taken with a Nikon D200, with a 12-24mm lens, plus some post production with Photoshop.

Maze Mandala
Maze Mandala / 2013 / Terry Long

This is the original mandala used in the composition above, and was produce by painting with 3 LED flashlights/torches that were covered in different coloured gels. The trails of light were captured with a Nikon D200, using a standard lens set at f22, with a 15 second exposure. Three separate light drawings/paintings were used in post production, with a total of 12 layers.

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