Rembrandt’s Mandala

IMG_3118 copy A
Rembrandt’s Mandala  (close up) / 2013 / Terry Long

There has been some speculation that Rembrandt dabbled in alchemy, and there is no doubt that he had a very good understanding of the chemistry and process involved in the making of artist’s paints, and in print making. He did choose alchemy as a subject to paint (please see below), but this and his knowledge of chemistry does not prove he was an alchemist, and I very much doubt that had time for it in his very busy life. Rembrandt was an artistic genius, and his artworks did  ironically and eventually turn into gold for his patrons, and for the art dealers who have bought and sold his works. The image above is a close up of an open book in Rembrandt’s house in Amsterdam. I took the photograph on my  last visit two years ago, and decided to use it in my current “Mandalas of Light” project. The digital medium of drawing and painting with light feels very much like a alchemistic and magical process, and my “Rembrandt ‘s Mandala” pays homage to his house, and the man himself.

IMG_3118 copy
Rembrandt’s Mandala / 2013 / Terry Long

The mandala was created with the digital medium of light drawing and painting, and and placed digitally into Rembrandt’s book.

The Alchemist / 1632 / Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669)

In Rembrandt’s painting, the alchemist is bathed in a golden light holding a vessel, and a spiral stairway ascends into darkness. The centrally placed closed doorway is too small to enter into easily, and two rounded objects are hung above.

If your visiting Amsterdam, be sure to check out Rembrandt’s House, and the wonderful artwork collection on show within…

Information on Rembrandt can be found here…

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