Multi Mandala

Multi Mandala No.1
Multi Mandala No.1 / 2013 / Terry Long

Playfulness is a key ingredient for creativity, but there was a point in my younger life when I was told to stop playing, just like the majority of children are told, and this led to a period of time where I found it difficult give myself the permission to be playful. One way of coping with this problem is by making a number of variations of your project, and not just a one , plus allowing yourself more time. The above artwork is an example of this, and it allowed me to free myself up, relax, and have fun trying different colours, and digital effects.  Ted Brown, the CEO of the design group IDEO gave a wonderful talk about creative play, and you can see it at this link…

Untitled-8a copy 2
Flower Motif  No. 10 / 2013 / Terry Long

I used the medium of painting with light for these set of motifs, plus the solarization effect in Photoshop.

Untitled-8a copy 3

Flower Motif No. 11  / 2013  /  Terry Long

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