Layers of Light

Layers of Liight
Conundrum Mandala / 2013 / Terry Long

My Conundrum Mandala was inspired by the Chinese Puzzle Ball, which is a intricately carved sphere, normally containing 3 to 7  other movable carved spheres inside. The world’s largest Chinese Puzzle Ball comprises of 42 concentric spheres all enclosed, one within the other, layer by layer. Most Chinese Puzzle Balls are made from one piece  of solid wood, resin, ivory, soapstone or jade, and are carved with traditional Chinese designs, such as the Feng Shui symbols. Chinese Puzzle Balls can also be considered as therapeutic art objects, similar to mandalas. My mandala is made of  14 layers of light, all painted with miniature LED flashlights/torches.

Chinese Puzzle Ball

For more information about Chinese Puzzle Balls, try this link… and also here…

This is a close up of a section of my Conundrum Mandala, which was created with the medium of light painting, digitally recorded with a Nikon D200 camera, 25 seconds at f22, plus some post production with Photoshop. You can find more information about light painting on my Drawing and Painting with Light page.

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