Aerial Art

Aerial Art
Aerial Mandala No.1 (seen from the air) / 2013 / Terry Long

With the exception of sky writing, which is created with a light aircraft trailing smoke, and some forms of aerial gymnastics, such as done with ribbons, Aerial Art is usually a form of art that is created on a large scale, and can only be seen and appreciated from the air. Examples of Aerial Art can be found around the world, and some are thousands of years old. Maybe the most famous is Peru’s Nazca Lines. Two good examples can be seen below.

Nazca Lines
Monkey design / Nazca Lines, Peru.

Nazca Lines3
Spider / Nazca Lines, Peru.

The Nazca Lines which are each several kilometers long must have taken a great effort to build. There have been many theories about them, including astronomical, ritualistic, and even involving aliens! It seems to me to be more likely that they were an offering to the gods, in return for rain and crops. Regardless, these are wonderful examples of very early graphic design. You can read more information about the Nazca Lines here…

and here…

Aerial Mandala
Aerial Mandala No.1 / 2013 / Terry Long

Aerial Mandala was created in the air, but not far off the ground. I drew with two LED flashlights for about 20 seconds in front of a stationary camera. The lights were covered in coloured filters, and the studio was in total darkness. A total of sixteen digital layers and sections were used to construct the mandala, and the aerial photo of  fields was taken somewhere near Dallas, Texas. It was a lot easier using Photoshop to create my aerial artwork, and less backbreaking, plus you do not have to hire a plane in order to see it!

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