Symphony of Light No.3

Symphony of Light No3.e
Symphony of Light No.3 / 2013 / Terry Long

There are certain pieces of music that touch my inner being, and it is very rare for me to find other forms of art that have the power to do that. The works of Ralph Vaughan Williams are a good example of what is achievable in music , and if you listen to “Romanza for Cello and Orchestra,” and  “Symphony No.5 in D,” you may also sense Williams powerful spiritual passion. My two favourites of Williams are “Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis” and “Skylark Ascending,” my all time favourite. I have set out to try and achieve the same thing as Williams in my own work by using the medium of light, which like music, is fleeting and not fixed, although both can be recorded. Symphony of Light was drawn three dimensionally with LED lights. If you imagine a ballet dancer going through a 10 to 40 second routine, but in total darkness, and holding lights, while the camera is recording the movements, you will have some understanding of the process of drawing and painting with light. Maybe the one or two years of ballet I did when I was aged 8 has finally paid off! I hatted it at the time, but now I prance around my studio in the pursuit of creating art, but luckily no one gets a chance to see me. If only my mother could know about this, she would be laughing!

Here are the links to the four pieces of music by Ralph Vaughan Williams in order as mentioned….

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