Mandala Sketchbook Drawing No.3

Mandala Sketchbook Drawing No.3
Mandala Sketchbook Drawing No.3 / 2013 / Terry Long

Elements of this design have a gothic look, which was not my original intention. My aim was for a timeless quality, which is  found in all great art. Fads fade, but great art lives on, appealing to every generation. My Mandala Sketchbook Drawing Series is a step away from my other work on this blog, which tends to be based on a fixed center focal point. In Drawing No.3 we are traveling and floating through a multi directional space, and the central focal point is more distant and remote. Drawing No. 3 was created by drawing (trailing) LED lights in front of a digital SLR camera in a darkened studio, 15 seconds shutter speed, at aperture f22. Several of  the drawings were combined in photoshop and used in a 24 layers and sections.

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