Street Photography

Motorway Mandala
Motorway Mandala / 2013 / Terry Long

There is a lot of interest in street photography, especially now that we have some wonderful cameras on the market that were designed for this very job. I just received news today of 2 new models from Sony and Fuji that also fit into this category of fast to operate cameras that can be easily carried in a pocket. Most street photography is taken while walking, or standing on a street corner. I took the photo above while driving along the 215 freeway to Downtown Riverside, in California. I have taken some very interesting and dynamic photographs while driving the highways and byways of the US and the UK, but I have never taken my eye off the road while taking the photos. That would be highly dangerous and irresponsible, and it may be illegal where you live, so please be very careful if you try this kind of street photography. If your having a problem pointing the camera in the right direction, and camera with a standard zoom, try setting the lens to wide angle, which will give you a wider viewpoint.  I used a Canon 95s camera for Motorway Mandala, and reduced the colour in photoshop to nearly black and white, so there is just a hint of blue in the sky, and just a hint of brown in the foreground which allowed the mandala to stand out on the billboard. You can see the original version of the mandala below…

Night Crystal copy

Night Crystal / 2013 / Terry Long

Up until very recently I was using a pair of  Nikon D200 DSLR  (digital single lens reflex) cameras for my drawing and painting with light, but I am now using the Nikon D700, which has a full size sensor, and gives better detail and tonal range. I sometimes us a neutral density filter on the front of the camera lens which prolongs the length of exposure, allowing more drawing and painting time. If you want to check out the best and latest in suitable street photography cameras, and learn a few tips, here is a good link…

Garry Winogrand is regarded as the father of modern street photography, although there has been street photography ever since the beginning of photography. Winogrand had incredible foresight to see what was going to occur on any occasion and be ready with his camera to capture the moment and scene. You can check out some of his photographs here…

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