The Artistic Creative Process

Shakespeares Mandala, Act 2
To be, or not to be / 2013 / Terry Long

When it comes to the artistic creative process, Shakespeare is one person who excelled. Next week I will be heading up the Californian Coast Highway to Santa Cruz, where they are having their annual Shakespeare festival on the campus of the University of Santa Cruz, amongst the beautiful redwoods, a wonderful backdrop for the outdoor theatre. In the creative process, Shakespeare left no stone unturned in depicting the full gamut of human emotion and experience. Shakespeare was both creative,  introducing at least 1,500 words and phrases into the English language, and also playful, with his twists and turns of story telling. “To be, or not to be” is the ultimate question put forth by Hamlet, and is also the title of my digital piece above. Is life worth living or not? Shakespeare was passionate about life, and we see it, hear it, and feel it to the full in his plays. Another passionate artist, who was also both creative and playful was Picasso, who created the drawing of Shakespeare below.


Shakespeare / 1964 / Pablo Picasso

You can check out the Shakespeare Festival at Santa Cruz here…  and if want to learn more about Shakespeare, please go to this link…  plus, this is a useful link to several blogs dealing with the creative process…

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