Next Chapter
Next Chapter / 2013 / Terry Long

You never know where and when inspiration will come to you, and in what form. Just be aware, ready and receptive, at least that’s what I try to do. Last weekend my wife travelled to a wedding in North Carolina, while I travelled to Arizona for a memorial service for a dearly departed friend. Yesterday my wife and I attended a local funeral for another dear friend. At the funeral there was a young couple with a baby boy, who announced his presents to all during the proceedings. Both the wedding, funeral and baby inspired me to create the image above, that I have titled New Chapter. For the majority of us, birth, marriage, and death can be the most important events in our lives. We chart our way through life, writing  our own stories, with new chapters being added along the way. The image comprises of 21 digital layers. The background photo of the sky, which I took on  my Canon S95, was not big enough, and had to be extended by painting extra sky with photoshop. The 16th century book was on display in a local museum, where I photographed it with the available light. I removed the text on the right side of the page , so I could add my mandala design. I repeated the design across the lower section of both pages, allowing it spill out slightly. The design is also repeated in the sky. The image below is a section of the mandala design which I painted with two LED lights, recording the movements on a tripod mounted Nikon D700 DSLR (digital single lens reflex), 15 seconds exposure at f22. If  you are looking for inspiration,  you may want to check out this link with 100 inspirational quotes…

Next Chapter (section) / 2013 / Terry Long

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