Head of a Minotaur

Terry Long-320 bronze
Head of a Minotaur / Bronze / 2013 / Terry Long

I really like trying out different art mediums, and although I had used the technique of silver casting many years ago, I had never tried bronze casting until  this month, when I joined a local 7 day workshop run by a friend of mine. Bronze casting has been around for about 4,000 years, and it may have been the early potters who developed the technique. I used the lost wax method to create my minotaur head above, by first modeling the head in wax, and then making a mold of it with plaster and sand. Next, the wax is removed, and the molten bronze poured the into the mold. Once the piece is cool enough to handle, the mold is removed, and with a bit of luck you have a bronze copy of your original, which will need much cleaning up. There is a  fair bit more to the process than what I have described, but you can find the details about this ancient method, and other casting methods at this link…


After I had cleaned up the bronze minotaur head, I decided to use it for my U of A L digital masters art project, by painting it with light. After setting up the head in my studio on a plain background,  I circled the head several times with a single LED hand held light, so as to highlight all the facets, while making a 20 second exposure on my tripod mounted Nikon D700.  I then used Photoshop to help me get the effect I was looking for, trying to avoid any formulas I had used before. I would call the process a kind of digital alchemy, where you are trying to create something artistically precious and meaningful.

Head of Minotaur

Head of a Minotaur / Bronze / 2013 / Terry Long

Head of Minotaur copy

Close up of Minotaur Head

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