Aerial Dance No.7

Aerial Dance No.7

Aerial Dance No.7 / 2013 / Terry Long

This is an action painting produced with several LED lights interwoven in the air during a 12 second exposure. The camera was a digital Nikon D700, with a Tokina SD 17-35 F4 (IF) FX Lense. There was also some post production work, and while doing this, I remembered a painting I had seen during my student days at art college in London that caught my attention.


The Battle of Britain / 1941 / Paul Nash

Paul Nash was, and still is one of my favourite English painters who had been an official wartime artist for Great Britain during the second world war. The above painting by Nash depicts an aerial battle with vapor trails from the fighter planes intertwining.  Even though the  pilots in this scene fight for their lives and countries, they create this surreal aerial dance which relates very much to the trailing of light in my painting.

You can find more information about Paul Nash here…

and here…

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