Art with Light

Light Show by P. Ball, C. Lauson & A. Wagner / Hayward Publishing / 2013

Up until last weekend,  I thought Hennessey & Ingalls was the only good art book store in Los Angeles,  until I walked into Arcana, located in the  historic Helms Bakery shopping area. This is not like any other book store I have ever visited,  and I immediately felt like I was in a place of religious worship, or in some prestigious art gallery. The books in Arcana are treated with the upmost reverence, with knowledgable staff to help you find exactly what you are looking for, which is how I discovered the above book. If your into drawing and painting with light, like me, this book, Light Show, by P Ball, C Lauson, and A Wagner is an absolute must. This book was written and published to accompany the Light Show exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, London, 30th Jan – 28th April, 2013. Sadly, I missed the show, but now I have this wonderful book that features 22 artists who work with light. Also last weekend, I purchased my latest LED hand held light, which I used to light the book for my photograph above. The title on the book cover had been laser cut, so I opened the front of the book, so I could direct the beam through the cover onto the floor, giving a spot light effect.

Coast HP17 variable beam LED light

The Coast HP17 is a high powered LED  hand held light. A single  button type switch allows you to select between a high output setting of 615 lumens, or a low output of 64 lumens. By sliding the front casing of the lamp, you can change the  beam from spot to flood.  You can also lock the beam focus in any position you want. The bulls eye spot beam pattern gives you a focused spot with a maximum beam distance of 269 meters (882 feet), while producing an outer ring of flood light. I hope to use this light for outdoor photography, such as light painting a tree, or a section of a building.

Here is a link to Arcana Books in LA… and here is a link to more info on the LED light…

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