Plumes of Light

Lightplume No.1
Lightplume No.1 / 2013 / Terry Long

This was a simple experiment using a combination of  two to three different coloured LED lights. The lights were arranged close together to produce a plume like effect and painted onto illustration board. I chose illustration board so I could bow the board and distort the image if I needed to. Apart from some cropping, there was no post production to these digital images. They are as I viewed them in the camera, which was a Nikon D700, with a  Nikkor AF 28 – 105mm lense, mounted on a Manfrotto tripod.

Plume of Light No.2.e
Lightplume No.2 / 2013 / Terry Long

For No.1, I used a green, red, and blue LED light.  No.2 combined blue and red, and No.3 combined green and red.

Lightplume No.3.e
Light Plume No.3 / 2013 / Terry Long

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