Digital Tilings

Babylon No.1
Babylon No.1 / Light Painting / 2014 / Terry Long

I first became aware of tilings from seeing the designs of William Morris when I lived in England, and also working as a stock photography when I was commissioned to create wrapping paper designs. The publisher called them Step and Repeat designs. Tilings are repeating patterns that can be continued in all directions over an infinite surface. Babylon No.1 was constructed from the  single design below by repeating it 9 times.

Babylon original
Babylon Blue / Light Painting / 2014 / Terry Long

Babylon Blue was created by painting with light. I added a bit more colour to the Babylon No.1 version. Tiling designs are used in many applications including fabrics, wallpaper, wrapping paper, floor and wall tiles. They can also be found in Celtic and Islamic  art, plus in nature appearing as crystal and cellular structures.

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