LA Art Show 2014

Paper Doily
Giant Doily / Tim Hawkinson / Ace Gallery

Earlier this month I drove to Downtown Los Angeles with my daughter to visit the LA Art Show in the enormous  convention center. The show was a 4 day advent and had about 50,000.00 visitors. The sight of visiting so many galleries filling so many acres was rather daunting.  but the chances of discovering something that you could fall in love with and want to own was very high, and with sales of twenty five million dollars, many art buyers did indeed  find something. The first artwork that caught my eye was Tim Hawkinson’s Giant Doily which was cut out of butchers paper. It was among several other large pieces displayed by the famous Ace Gallery including Gary Lang’s with his huge hypnotic and mesmerizing paintings that were impossible to miss or walk by, and had me transfixed for some considerable time.

Gary Lang_2163

     Example of Gary Lang’s acrylic paintings on canvas / Pace Gallery

There were several mandala like pieces throughout the show that I found related to my own work, including Damien Hirst’s Psalm series of mandala like designs composed of butterfly wings, sprinkled with or without diamond dust (you have the choice). These silkscreen  prints are based on his larger artworks using real butterfly wings. There has been much controversy about Hirst and the theft of other artists ideas, his art factory, and the killing of 9,000 butterflies! You can read about part of that controversy here… and also here…


                                                                      Examples of the Psalm Series / Silkscreen Prints / Damien Hirst

The Paul Stolper Gallery was showing some interesting work by Shepard Fairey, a series of four silk screen prints with gold foil. Shepard Fairey is the infamous  graphic designer who created the Obama poster. That is not the only time he has plagiarized. The highly talented graphic designer Milton Glaser wrote a very good article on Shepard Fairey in the Print Magazine, and gives a very clear example of Fairey stealing another designers artwork…


Example of Shepard Fairey’s prints / Paul Stolper Gallery

The LA Art Show was a very special and exciting experience, and I will be writing more in my blog about it in the next few weeks.


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