Painting with Sunlight

Sedona 2 Mandala.e
Sedona II Mandala / Prism Painting / 2014 / Terry Long

Living in Southern California, unlike living in London where I was  originally  from, has given me a constant and regular supply of sunshine. In London the weather would change throughout the day, with little, or no sunshine. Sedona II Mandala was created with sunlight using hand-held crystal prisms to paint with, and also photoshop for the postproduction stage. This helped me to produce the symmetrical part of the design. Living in the Southwestern area of American has also had some influence on my work from the native American cultures, such as the Acoma, Hopi, Zuni, Navajo and Hopi tribes. I am looking forward to working with some younger members of these tribes later in the year when I visit the Sherman Indian High School in Riverside, California, to conduct several art workshops. Sherman Indian High School has a sad and sinister history. Instead of promoting the cultures of these diverse native American Indian cultures, the American Government devised a program to devastate them back in the late 1800s and early 1900s. You can read all about that here…


Hopi coiled basket / 1901 / Ethnologischen Museum, Berlin-Dahlem.

Wikipedia has a very informative page on the Art of the American Southwest here…

Sedona 2 Mandala section.e

Section of Sedona II Mandala / Prism Painting / 2014 / Terry Long

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