Black Lace

Black Lace
Black Lace / LED Light Drawing / 2014 / Terry Long

Back in the early 1960s I traveled to Bruges in Belgium on a school trip. Bruges was originally a seaport in the medieval times and the most important commercial city in the world. It has been called Venice of the North, but reminds me more of Amsterdam. During our stay in Brugge I remember seeing many lace makers in traditional costume sitting at their front doors creating very intricate designs and patterns. I was able to purchase a small handkerchief from one of them, which was all I could afford, to take back to my mother in England as a gift. I was prompted to remember the occasion recently when I came across some antique Belgium lace at the Pasadena Rose Bowl  Flea Market, and it inspired me to create my own lace design by drawing with light. You can find more information about Belgium lace here… and here… and here is a short video of someone making lace in Bruges…

Lace Maker

The Lace Maker / Oil Painting / Nicolaes Maes / 1655

The image below is a section from Black Lace. 10 small LED lights were used to draw parts of the design in the air, while in a darkened studio. The whole sequence was recorded digitally on my Nikon D700 camera using a 50mm lens, secured to a sturdy tripod. The shutter speed was 6 seconds at f22.  A total of 21 sections and layers were then used  with photoshop to create the finished artwork, which was reversed to achieve the negative result.     

Black Lace section

Section of Black Lace / LED Light Drawing / 2014 / Terry Long

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