The Art Movement of Roundism, Spiralism, and Squareism

Helta Skelta.e
Helta Skelta / LED Light Painting / 2014 / Terry Long

Most art lovers will know about, or at least have heard of Cubism, which was pioneered by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso in the early 20th century. Not to be outdone by Braque and his friend Picasso, I thought I would start my own art movement. Dripism and Splashism had been taken by Jackson Pollock, Thinism by Alberto Giacometti, Balloonism and Hotairism by Jeff Koons, Triteism by Thomas Kinkade, and Artconism by Damien Hirst, so I decided to go for Roundism! It may have started as a bit of a  verbal joke I made many years ago, but at the beginning of the year I started to create a series of Roundist digital paintings which I am displaying here for the first time. Braque and Picasso have always been a great inspiration for me, and I feel very indebted to them.


Hip-Hop / Sunlight Painting / 2914 / Terry Long

The medium I have been using for my Roundist paintings is LED lights and sunlight on white foamcore panels. This painting process is recorded on a stationary digital camera. Combinations of various LED lights are used, from a single light, to two dozen or more, depending on the size, colour, and intensity. I will sometimes paint with both hands at the same time.

Spiro 2.e

Spiro / LED Light Painting / 2014 / Terry Long

I have also added a bit of Spiralism and Squareism into my paintings, which gives me three art movements in one!

Reeling and Rocking.e

Reeling and Rocking / Sunlight Painting / 2014 / Terry Long

The method I use for painting with sunlight is similar to the LED light painting, which requires a completely darkened studio, but by having a small opening to let the sunlight shine directly into the studio, I am able to capture the sunlight with one or more crystal prisms to redirect the effects of the prism onto the foamcore. 


 Alakazam / Sunlight Painting / 2014 / Terry Long

The process of this piece involves interconnecting circles on 18 panels, 2 layers deep. This was created in photoshop, after the initial painting with sunlight and a crystal prism.Roundabouts

Roundabouts / Sunlight Painting / 2014 / Terry Long

Roundabouts is somewhat similar to Alakazam, with the interconnecting circles and squares. It also consists of about the same number of square panels and layers. I have given the layers a more opaque and painterly look using the photoshop watercolor effect

Slick Tricks.e

Slick Tricks / Sunlight Painting / 2014 / Terry Long

Around Nine.e

Around Nine / Sunlight Painting / 2014 / Terry Long


Deluge by Leonardo da Vinci 

In Deluge by Leonardo da Vinci you can see many cube like objects which appear to be tossed about by the powerful storm. A kind of cubism, and maybe curlism!

2 thoughts on “The Art Movement of Roundism, Spiralism, and Squareism

  1. I just love Around Nine, the juxtaposition of the cubes and roundles works really well. Why does form excite or calm? I don’t know but these two images (Around Nine stimulates and Slick Tricks calms) evoke both responses

    • Thank you very much for your positive comment and feedback. Many symmetrical shapes tend to calm you because of there balanced design, whereas zig-zag lightning designs will sometimes excite, or have a more disturbing effect on the viewer, but I think it will depend on the disposition of the viewer.

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