Painting with Sunlight

Painting with Sunshine.e
Painting with Sunlight / Medium-Sunlight / 2014 / Terry Long

For this photograph of my hand I used 2 crystal prisms with natural sunlight. The one prism in my hand, and a much larger one which was placed off camera. This second prism was creating the the rainbow colours across my hand. Being both the lighting tec, the photographer, and the model can be a little tricky when having to line everything up. Using sunlight as a creative medium feels like you have entered into the realms of alchemy and magic, and I love the fact this is  eco-friendly, with no toxic paints. Apart from cropping the image, there was no post production involved. I used a handheld Nikon D700 DSLR with a Nikon 28-105mm lens. The exposure was 60th of a second at f5.6. 

Rainbow Regalia

Mandala Regalia / Medium- Sunlight Painting / 2014 / Terry Long

Mandala Regalia, which I created as a meditative piece, was painted with sunlight and a crystal prism. The painting process was captured on a Nikon DSLR camera, with a Nikon 85mm fi.4 lens. The exposure varied between 6 and 12 per section. A total of 24 digital sections and layers were fitted together in Photoshop to make the complete design, with some special effects added, including solarization . I always try to keep any special effects to the minimum. I also have another post titled, Painting with Light at this link…

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