Digital Stained Glass

Stained Glass Design No.4 / Sunlight Painting / 2014 / Terry Long

I have been attracted to the effects of stained glass since I was a child, but this art medium was not offered when I was at art college, and the methods and materials for creating it seemed laborious to me,  so I gave up on the idea until I started  painting with light, and also using digital technology. I realized that could get a somewhat close effect to this ancient art medium, but in a more spontaneous way.Stained glass design No.4.e

Stained Glass Design No.5 / Sunlight Painting / Terry Long

I was still using light as a main ingredient, but not having to join fragments of glass with lead. One of the earliest examples of coloured glass used in a window was found at St.Paul’s Monastery in Jarrow, England, which would date it around 686 AD.

Stained Glass Design No.5e section

Close up of Stained Glass Design No.6 / Sunlight Painting / 2014 / Terry Long

Real stained glass normally uses sunlight to display it, but the digital stained glass effect requires sunlight to create it.

Stained Glass Design No.6.e

Stained Glass Design No.6 / Sunlight Painting / 2014 / Terry Long

The designs were created by painting with prisms and sunlight onto white illustration board in sections. The process was recorded  with a Nikon D700 digital camera using a Nikon 85mm 1.4 lens,  mounted on a tripod. There is usually a lot of time spent in post production with photoshop to achieve the complexity of design. For historical information on stained glass try these links… and

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