Time Tunnel of Light

Time Tunnel of Light
Time Tunnel of Light / LED light drawing / 2014 / Terry Long

When I was a child, the notion of time always seemed odd to me, and my feeling and sense of time would change, relative to what situation I was in. Five minutes could feel like five hours, and vice versa. To me, time was just a man made measuring tool, like feet and inches, or the metric system. The idea of time travel which was a popular topic at the time was very exciting, but for me nonsense. My image Time Tunnel of Light was created with 24 LED lights in one photographic exposure, so we have 24 points of light traveling through time and space, captured on camera in a exposure period of 5 seconds. You could say that this photo proves that time exists, but I am sticking to my first childhood supposition! The camera I used was a Nikon D700 digital SLR, with a Tokina SD 17-35 f4 FX lens mounted on my trusty rusty tripod. The only post-production I used was to crop the photo.

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