Camberwell MA Fine Art Digital Show 2014

The following photographs are of my work at the Camberwell MA Fine Art Digital Show in July 2014, which consisted of nine prints and three books.  I took the photographs with my Canon S95 and Fuji X Pro 1 digital camera.


3 prints / Terry Long


3 self published books / Terry Long


Private Viewing


Prismatic Painting (book) / Terry Long


Prints / Terry Long



2 Publications / Terry Long

MAS_2926.ePrints / Terry Long


Books and Prints / Terry Long



2 thoughts on “Camberwell MA Fine Art Digital Show 2014

  1. What a wonderful and helpful closing post Terry. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs and viewing your work and this post provides a good indication of what I can expect to achieve in terms of end products for the MA.

    • Dear Peter,

      Thank you so much for your comment and feedback. I would highly recommend the on-line MA Fine Art Digital course at Camberwell which I have enjoyed immensely. Although it is a well structured course, there is much flexibility within the digital medium to go in many directions, which is both exciting and a danger for some artists, so it is very important to set yourself some goals and time limits. The two years of the course goes by very quickly.

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