Unit 1 Assessment

MA Digital Arts 2012 -14, Unit 1 Assessment

Student: Terry Long / LON13380834/ Course Leader: Jonathan Kearney

Project Title: Mandalas of Light / Kinetic Drawing with Light.

1. Develop your Project Proposal to plan a challenging and self-directed programme of study

2. Demonstrate a critical engagement with practice-based research and contribute actively to debate and discussion

3. Articulate a clear understanding of the methodology and context of your creative practice in both written and verbal forms

  • At the same time as I was beginning this MA digital course, I was invited to join a local philosophical society where I live in Southern California. Since joining the society I have given 2 lectures so far to the members, What is Art and Icons in Art.  Both these lectures related to my digital MA studies, and were heavily debated by all society members. I am planning on giving my 3rd society lecture in January 2014 based on my MA paper. I will also be giving a similar lectures next month (November) to my drawing and art history students at the University of Redlands where I work.



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