Prismhenge 1.e
Prismhenge (section) / Glass sculpture / 2014 / Terry Long

I regard this piece as a maquette for a much, much larger work inspired by Stonehenge in England. Sadly, I do not have the fame and resources of Jeff Koons to build it full size, so it will have to remain small for now. My henge is made up of crystal prisms that I have been using for my painting with sunlight MA work at the University of Art London, which is displayed on this website. The prisms are each about 10 centimeters high (4ins), compared to the 4.1 (13ft) high sarsen stones at Stonehenge.

Stonehenge copy.eStonehenge, Wiltshire, England.  

My idea for Prismhenge is to have two versions. One would be close to the scale of the real Stonehenge, and would be set in a fixed location, set on a ultra smooth white concrete slab floor. The floor would allow for prismatic light display at the two equinoctial points of the year. Two earth mounds would  be built, one North, and one South of the henge for viewing the light and shadow display.

  Prismhenge (section) /digital illustration / 2014 / Terry Long 

My second Prismhenge would be a smaller transportable version for indoor displays and performances using moving LED lighting. In this version, each member of the public would be given a white reflective cloak to wear while moving through and around the centre of  the  henge while experiencing the prismatic light and shadow display.

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